The Awesomes group is for seniors aged 65 plus. These are the steadfast, faithful pilgrims in the autumn years of life. They are the sign posts pointing the way to those who follow behind. They give strength and encouragement to the younger. We strive to be like Caleb who at 85 said, “Give me my mountain!”

This is an “on the go” bunch who have taken trips to the Panhandle of Texas, the Cast Iron Kettle Cookout in Branson, MO, Oklahoma Route 66, and the Heartland Flyer train trip to Fort Worth. In addition, they have monthly fellowship dinners where they get to share their “years of experience” cooking. These dinners are not only a time of fellowship but they also offer an informative or entertaining program. To say we have fun is an understatement.

If you’re a senior, you need to come join us for a great time of fellowship. Senior Adult Pastor Doug Muchow would love to have you call him at 948-7100 to find out about our next great Awesomes event.