Young Couples

OKC Faith’s Young Couples ministry, is a ministry that is dedicated to the growth of marriages and or relationships, based on biblical examples that Jesus Christ has given us through His relationship and love for the church. Young Couples from all different backgrounds join us each week as we dive into the word of God and learn how to apply the word to our lives, both enriching and strengthening ourselves and our relationships!

The Young Couples meet as a group every Sunday morning at 10:00am, and are given the opportunity to break out in smaller groups on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm as the men and women are lead in their own bible studies.

Faith’s Young Couples ministry is dedicated to seeing families grow in the Lord, thrive in the Word, and love the way Christ loves us! This is a dynamic ministry that will be sure to add to your lives spiritually while challenging you to do more for the Lord and each other. The Young Couples calendar stays full of activities from dinners and cookouts in the summer, to Christmas celebrations in the winter, and Marriage retreats each year in the spring! Come be our guest and see for yourselves what this ministry has to offer you!