Early Childhood

The Early Childhood department at Faith is honored to come along side parents to help build a foundation the Bible says a child will not part from! A child starts developing their value system as young as infancy, and we hope to be a part of that growth! We start as young as 6 weeks old and continue to minister to your child until they are ready for Elementary School! We have designated classes for each age to help ensure that the needs of each specific age group are met. To ensure safety, we use a computerized check-in system. When a parent checks a child in, they are given a security badge. A child is not released from our classrooms until the teacher has been given the security badge and all corresponding numbers match. Early Childhood Ministry is changing the world one child at a time!

What to bring:

• Please bring diapers, wipes, bottles & pacifiers. We ask that you clearly label all items that belong to your child.
• For children who are potty training we also recommend that you bring a change of clothes for them in case they have an accident while at church.