“The One Year That Can Make A Difference” is a strategy that can be adapted to any size church/ministry, in any ministry environment (rural, metro, inner-city, etc.).  While systems and structures will be different for many churches, the core elements involved in health, ministry impact and growth are basically the same for all ministries.

In Luke 13: 6 – 9, Jesus gave us a parable about a fig tree that had not produced any fruit for three years. The owner gave instructions to the caregiver to cut it down so that it would not take valuable resources from the ground – and ultimately from the other fig trees.  However, the caregiver responded: “GIVE ME ONE YEAR!”  With this appeal he indicated that he would engage in different, yet intentional activities that should produce a different result.  The caregiver concluded by saying, if at the end of one year there is still no fruit, he would cut it down.  However, if the tree produced fruit, it would be allowed to remain.

It is our strong belief that “ONE YEAR CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN ANY MINISTRY!” Whether you are the pastor of a church, or a ministry leader within the church (youth, couples, seniors, children, etc.), given the opportunity to strategically address the desire for greater fruitfulness, we believe “ONE YEAR CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN ANY MINISTRY.”  (In fact, the more “ministries” within a church that applies these principles, the greater the fruitfulness/results will be in the overall ministry – so be sure to bring as many ministry leaders as possible.)

Tony Miller and Terry Bates are teaming up during this half-day leadership gathering, to introduce you to concepts, principles and strategic solutions that can allow any ministry to experience greater fruitfulness (health, ministry impact and even growth) IN ONE YEAR!  In addition, you will hear a powerful testimony from Reverend Charles Arkonunoo of Ghana, West Africa, who not only experienced a powerful conversion from being a former African Witch Doctor to a minister of Jesus Christ, but who has also made a personal commitment to Christ to start/build 100 Churches in Africa!  He has already completed over 70 of them!

Join us for a powerful day of interaction, inspiration and impartation!  Our goal is to provide you with strategic insights that will allow you to begin a journey of “ONE YEAR THAT CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE” in your ministry!

Pastor Terry Bates