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When Faith Awakens

When Faith Awakens

12 Disc CD Set - Complete Series 10/30/2016

Did you know that when God designed the human race, He designed everyone with an ability to “believe” or to have “faith” in things, concepts and people. Romans 12:3 declares that God has given to every person a “measure of faith.” However, this faith remains dormant and must become awakened inside of us.

One of the primary ways that our faith is awakened is by the “Hearing of the Word of God.” “Faith comes (is activated or awakened) by hearing and hearing by the Word of God!” (Romans 10:17) In this insightful series, Pastor Bates reveals how “The Word of God” and “Faith” are on the same “pitch or tone” in God’s Kingdom. Therefore, much like striking a tuning fork that is in the Key of C; when you strike it, other tuning forks of the same key of C will vibrate, because they are on the same pitch. Because the Word of God and Faith are on the same pitch – when the Faith in us hears the Word of God it vibrates (resonates) and is activated or awakened.

As the series progresses, Pastor Bates reveals how that everything in God’s Kingdom has the same “pitch” or “tone.” This allows us to be able to discern the things that are “of God” as opposed to the things that are “not of God.” It also enable us to identify all of the different elements in God’s Kingdom that we can use to “Awaken Our Faith” and experience the full benefit of God’s Supernatural Power and his Promises in our life. “Get ready for your Faith to be Awakened (Vibrate) to new possibilities in your life!”